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European Corporate Social Responsibility Group

The beginning of a more business-driven and inclusive society

Part of the European Social Label - Marketplaces for resellers of products and services
Care to Change the World

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European Corporate Social Responsibility Group - Introduction

The European Corporate Social Responsibility Group, ECSR, is the beginning of a more business-driven and inclusive society. The purpose of the business is to offer attractive platforms for service and product companies as well as wholesalers and to offer a complete solution, regardless of whether it is dropshipping or sales of digital software, with a transnational focus. The goal is to create one or more meeting places where customers and consumers can meet retailers in all industries and know that when you choose to shop here, you also contribute to creating a better society.

"The ECSR shall make it attractive to EUSL members to work for a more inclusive and equal society"


For retailers


For wholesalers

European Corporate Social Responsibility Group - Wholesalers and retailers

The two main tracks for the ECSR are retailers and wholesalers. The ECSR wants all consumption to be smarter and community-building, and since this is such a broad concept, it has been decided that it is also up to each member, entrepreneur, wholesaler or retailer to decide what it means for them. 

The ECSR and EUSL provide a toolbox for creating both a more equal and inclusive society as well as services to both increase sales and cut costs, but we are not experts in anyone else's industry and will not tell anyone how to work. , think or how they want to solve the integration problem that we have.

Instead, the reasoning is that if everyone did something, we will have a much better world for everyone to live and work in. For us, therefore, the chain is very important. Our belief is that wholesalers want to work with companies that take social responsibility and want to work to be sustainable. We also believe that consumers prefer to shop or consume from companies that take responsibility in society, regardless of whether it is the environment, human capital or something else. 

"EUSL and ECSR work to ensure that the entire chain, from order to delivery and the parties involved, is as equal and inclusive as possible."

S'agapo Store - for small business owners

The platform for products and services provided by EUSL members is called S'agapo Store and is separated from the platforms for wholesalers and resellers. Here, customers and consumers are offered direct contact with EUSL members for both products and services as well as recruitment, staffing and job search. Regardless of whether you as a consumer choose to shop from a small business owner, or retailers who use a wholesaler, you also have the opportunity to be involved and influence how we should create a better society. 

s'agapo store logo

Consumption towards a better society

We are often told that we must reduce our consumption in order to save the world. It is also said that there are too many people in the world and that our current situation is not sustainable. But that is only partially true! The western world as we know it rather suffers from a declining population and only some countries have too many inhabitants for it to be sustainable in the long run. 

Instead, it is about us who have the opportunity to drive the world in the right direction, that is, we who live in the EU and the US, need to behave smarter and drive development forward. Not just towards being sustainable but towards being positive. EUSL's operations are always local. A process of change is always difficult, but with the help of smart tools and cross-border activities, EUSL wants to drive the fourth industrial revolution forward where consumption is not only efficient and profitable, it must also be smart, inclusive and equal and create new jobs and new viable companies. It is, funny enough perhaps, through consumption society can drive innovation that solves the challenges we have today. Reducing consumption would be counterproductive and directly harmful to society in the form of reduced employment, poorer economy and only greater exclusion. Instead, it is much better to encourage smart consumption and make it available to anyone who wants to be involved and contribute. 

We are convinced that every krona invested gives more in return, even when you consume. This can be done by the ECSR taking a customary commission from the affiliated members, where the surplus goes into our foundation EUSL Foundation and then out into the community. The big difference from the membership fee, which also goes into the foundation, is that if the customer / consumer wants, he can also be involved in defining which social initiatives are to be carried out by the foundation. The foundation, as well as EUSL, are locally affiliated, which means that a social effort always takes place in the vicinity of a member or customer. We are fairly convinced that it is members and consumers in a certain part of the world know best about the challenges that exist around them and the most reasonable thing is of course to ask them. 

European Social Label An introduction

The main task of European Social Labels, EUSL, is to counteract exclusion at a local, regional, national level and within the EU. Together with the business community, there are solutions that until now are not in place. Authorities and especially small businesses have a discrepancy between them and often talk past each other. The purpose of the European Social Label is to make it attractive and profitable for Sweden's and Europe's small businesses to work for a more inclusive society, both in the workplace but also in society. The European Social Label is positioned in the middle between authorities and small businesses and from that perspective, it should be profitable for small businesses to work with people in exclusion, without distorting the free competitive market. 

The European Social Label has a holistic view of what integration and exclusion are. Therefore, exclusion is defined as a person over 15 years of age and without employment for at least 30 days. After that, the person is in an exclusion. The business is politically independent but for everyone's equal values. The goal is to create the new inclusive and equal society, driven by technology and small businesses, which everyone up to their own ability should be able to take part in. 


EUSL Foundation

The foundation that ensures that the surplus reaches those who need it most

European Social Label is run with the idea-driven idea, which means that there is a bigger goal than that some owners will ultimately make money. Instead, the surplus goes directly into our own foundation, which in turn distributes funds to various social projects, which are fully defined by the members. It is a bit jokingly called the EUSL Foundation for this reason to be a stupid foundation, that is, that it does not in itself have a controlling right.