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For retailers

When you are a reseller of someone else's products, it is important that you have a clear brand with clear values. You have to work with these both towards your suppliers but also towards the customer and there may also be clear requirements involved. An example here is that a platform may require that the company seen on the platform must be eco-labeled, otherwise the company may not sell there. It will then be easy for the customer that regardless of which supplier you choose, you get someone who you know wants to reduce their impact on the environment. 

As a reseller and member of the European Social Label, the ECSR Group focuses on the sales process. Our goal is for your customers to know that when they shop from an affiliated retailer, only companies take some form of social responsibility. The minimum that is made is provisions for our foundation, EUSL Foundation, which is made automatically via membership. But as an entrepreneur, you can, of course, do much more and make it visible through the validation system that EUSL has developed. It is a system based on ISO26000 and it makes an environmental work visible, if the workplace allows interns, work training, applies accessibility adaptations for both customers as well as employees and much more. 

As a Reseller member within EUSL, you get access to relevant services and product platforms at the lowest prices on the market. EUSL is not here to waste entrepreneurs' money, then the whole idea of creating profitability for a more inclusive society falls, but it is about EUSL and ECSR creating more and more business for our members. As a member and reseller within EUSL, you also have the opportunity to offer your customers good payment solutions, which includes everything from direct payments to installments and invoices, regardless of where you as a seller or customer are located. The service is built from the ground up with a focus on transnational trade and the fourth industrial revolution.