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About us and our purpose and goal

Care to Change the World

About us and our business

The European Corporate Social Responsibility Group, ECSR, is an activity that is the opposite of the idea-driven idea and in this case is represented by the European Social Label Group, the EUSL Group. You can call it the other side of the coin if you want. For us, this means that the ECSR is largely a representative of the private sector and its tools in practice for achieving inclusion and equality through healthy entrepreneurship. 

This can be done by the ECSR developing the services created by the EUSL Group and targeting them at specific target groups and, on the basis of this, creating for-profit reasons to be a member of the European Social Label, which is divided into three initial tracks: Entrepreneurs, Wholesalers and Retailers

When you shop via one of the ECSR's platforms or directly from a member of the EUSL, the customer / consumer knows that a small part goes back to society. At the same time, the ECSR charges significantly less in fees for those who sell on the platforms than is usual, so it is a profitable business for everyone. 

Everyone who sells through the ECSR and is a member of EUSL are verified entrepreneurs who want to help create inclusion in society, which in addition to social efforts can also mean accessibility adaptations, internships and workplaces, strong environmental work and much more. Shopping by a member of the EUSL is thus always a basis for a healthy business on several levels.

Our purpose

The ECSR Group was formed to create attractive and profitable platforms for EUSL members. Where EUSL focuses on the nice and heartwarming, ECSR chooses to focus on what drives companies: Money. ECSR's purpose is to be a perfect alternative for everything from Asset Management, HR, Web, IT (services included in EUSL membership) to developing and developing the sales platforms and portals that mainly S'agapo Store uses. It can be said that the S'agapo Store, which is also a member of the EUSL Group, is a frontend while the ECSR is a backend.

Our goal

The goal of the European Social Label is to be a leading player in the transition from a tax-based ecosystem to a business-driven society where issues related to gender equality, integration and diversity are financed in a new way. In order for the changeover to take place, it is necessary to develop products and services in which small businesses want to invest their time. This is where authorities and governments, in fact around the world, have so far failed. There is a prevailing consensus that small businesses are the key to solving many issues concerning gender equality, but no one has yet succeeded in pointing out exactly how this can be implemented. Until now, that is. The ECSR is a quarter of the European Social Label and the overall goal is to make it so attractive and profitable for mainly small businesses to work with people in isolation. Here, the focus is mostly on creating profitable business, increased exposure and driving traffic to the members.